PBCash Security

Encryption and Storage

All of your financial and transactional information is encrypted, stored and protected on secure servers. On the web, [https] and a green bar is your signal that encryption is active. We use 256-Bit SSL bank level encryption on all of our service connections.

Stay Safe

PBCash payments are as good as cash. This means there's no way to get refunds unless whomever you sent money to agrees to send it back. Avoid payments to peple you do not know and do not accept payments from people you do not know. PBCash does not offer buyer or seller protection. Treat your PBCash balance like cash.


Do you have a question specific to our security? We have a dedicated team on hand to help you. Please contact us at support@pbcash.com

Have a prepaid card?

You can link your eligible prepaid card with PBCash to manage your balance and account. Don't have a card? You can order an eligible prepaid card by calling us at (800) 433 8259